Anna Maria

I’m the girl who (during my maternity leave in 2014) had a dream of becoming my own boss and starting a business online.  I had zero experience, knew nothing about photography, statistics, profit margins, copywriting (and the list goes on). But by July of 2015, after almost a year of research and quite a few trials and tribulations, I made that dream a reality and set up an Etsy shop. From then you could say I never looked back…


3 Etsy shops and 5 years later, I’ve generated 6 figures in revenue from over 6000 sales across the world. It hasn't all been smooth sailing however; I have learnt more than I could have ever imagined - and I continue to learn every single day. 

But the best part, I get to live life on my own terms, I spend good quality time with my two children, I tend to my 40+ plant babies and get to work amongst them all, and I manage my Fibromyalgia like NEVER before.


Now in 2020 my mission is simple; I want to impart as much knowledge as possible to as many handmade, mummy business owners, whether seasoned or just starting out. Women who also want to quit the day job and start living their life how they WANT to live it.

My vision for the world is to see it if filled with healthy, happy, successful women who jump out of bed every day excited for what’s to come, knowing that they have clarity in their vision, belief in themselves and are ready to take ownership and hold themselves accountable to offering abundant services & products to anyone who requires them.

Let’s do this! 

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Lynsey Warren

I was the little girl that wanted to make every craft project they ever made on Blue Peter which mostly involved crazing my Mum for empty washing up liquid bottles as every craft project seemed to require one!  As a child I loved to create and art was always my passion at school.  When left school and I didn't do art anymore I felt there was always a big part of me missing and I spent many years trying to find something that would spark my creativity again. I discovered card making and spent many happy years being a card maker.  Finally I stubbled upon fairy making 4 years ago and finally I found the perfect handmade business! It was love at first make lol! 

In January 2017 I set up my business and opened Raindrop Crafts. My business took off but I made many mistakes along the way before finally creating a successful business.   Now I'm a trained business coach I'm able to help you not make the same mistakes that I did!  Building a business is one of the most challenging journeys you can undertake but it is also so rewarding too.  I love helping people turn their hobbies and passions into a profitable business and creating a life and business they love!